Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kalsada PH

Hello there my beautiful readers. Finally, I'm baaaaack from a long hiatus and I'm so sorry for that. Hopefully, I'm back for good and I'm really really trying my very best to blog at least twice or thrice a week. I'm making this blog post together with my "half-British" friend Garry Gallo. I'm teaching him now on how to make his very own blog. Honestly, I remember the very first time I decided to make my own blog just last year. And I can't believe that right now I'm sharing my the things that I knew. HAHA.

So this outfit was taken when we had our Kalsada PH project. Kalsada PH is a solo project of Bjorn Manila the fashion photographer behind MEG, MEGA, METRO, CHALK and a whole lot more magazines and fashion brands. He is currently going around 26 cities across the Philippines to document Philippine street style at its finest and widest range for the upcoming site, and also publish it as a book by 2014 with possible collabs with all the big brands and publications in the country.  And I'm so happy to represent my very own Dumaguete City and to be part of this project together with my blogger besties and friends.

Not ready! HAHA

Bjorn Manila at Dumaguete Boulevard

with Bjorn Manila

Thanksgiving Dinner with the Kalsada PH Team Dumaguete!

with Marl, Enzo, Me, Floyd, Ramon, Bjorn Manila and Harrem :)

TOP: Bayo
HAT: Dazzle Cuts
BAG: Lacoste
WATCH: Tommy Hilfiger
BRACELET: Dazzle Cuts
SHORTS: Bugis Street, SG
SHOES: Converse