Sunday, June 30, 2013

Black Light Party

Last night's acquaintance party was so much of a blast and I just can't help it but reminisce every single detail that happened last night from the clothes, food, the cramming attack, music, fun, dance and of course the DJ. (booyah!) It is the first time ever in our school that we hired a DJ. I was so proud to be one of the organizers and what we went through before the event was really no joke from happy to sad emotions. A lot of my course mates said that it was the BEST Acquaintance Party EVERRR!!! (Capslock para intense!) I was really overwhelmed with the overall result. Thank you so much SJBE Students!!!

The theme of the party was Black Light Party so we have to wear something like white and neon colors. There is actually a special light that makes what you wear glow and it's something like UV lights but we used an alternative since UV lights are banned. On my outfit, I decided to wear a dress and flats so I can dance all night long without the feeling of pain. :)

Photos by: Anton Gabila and Maddz Duellosa

BELT: Dazzle Cuts
FLORAL CLIP: Accessorize
BAG: Accessorize
ARM PARTIES: Dazzle Cuts

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coral Reefs

I'm making the most of my last summer days since school is really fast approaching next week and since I can't go out on a beach due to my busy schedule. I decided to wear the summer beach feel like wearing this coral reef printed shorts and a colorful top. There's nothing more relax for your feet when wearing bright pink slippers. So how did you spend your summer this year? :)

SHORTS: South Shores

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baroque Neon

One thing I love about fashion is that there's no right or wrong in what you wear. It just really depends on the person's tastes. In my outfit, I try to mix up baroque prints and neons and I think it went very well. I also saw an episode of a TV series called Jane by Design which is Jane, an assistant designer did also some mixing up of Marie Antoinette's style and some modern punk style and in the episode they were able to get the deal of the client. :)

DRESS: South Shores

Lace Dreams

It's still in the middle of the week and yet it has been a really rough week for me and my family. Things have been really complicated these past few days and I just hope that my family will be able to overcome all of these things. On the bright side, I'm officially enrolled! Yay! Hello SENIOR YEAR! :)

Garments that are made of laces have always been naturally sexy to wear and i think it's because it's see-through. And even if it's see-through you can still wear it with class. In my outfit, I wore a black tank so it wouldn't be too revealing. Hope you like my outfit. :)

LACED TOP: South Shores

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Zigzag Sequins

Feeling so productive today with my 3rd blog post. Woot! It's exactly 11 pm and I'm not yet done with all of my work. I feel so sleepy already. I guess I would just finish all of these early in the morning before I go to school. :|

When you are having a hard time paring up a very complicated printed garment, you can always go for the safe colors like pairing it with white, brown or black. In my case, I paired up my green and orange zigzag printed top with my white shorts and to finish it up I took my black shoes for a spin. :)