Sunday, April 28, 2013

Orange & Daisies

Hey guys! This is what I wore for the Sunday's Mass celebration yesterday. My orange top is actually a dress but I decided to pair it with a skirt 'cause I don't like the fitting. I feel like a little kid with my hairstyle. HAHA. I also thought it was cute thought. hehe. So what do you think guys? Crossing my fingers for an out of town trip this weekend. :)


Look! Me and Anne Curtis has the same skirt! Great minds think alike huh?! :)

DRESS (used as a TOP): Chin's Closet
SKIRT: Dazzle Cuts
BAG: Cosé Bags

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Two Story

Today was a productive day. First of the agenda is to have lunch with my friend since high school, Sheila. We tried out this newly opened Korean restaurant called Two Story Kitchen. Then after that, me and my org. Pres. has to meet someone regarding on the shirt printing for our organization. Next, I met up again with another friend and we went to a carnival to have fun. So that was my day turned out. How 'bout yours? :)

PANTS: Miss Sixty
BAG: Chin's Closet
SHOES: Crocs

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coachella Dreaming

I really wanted to go to a music festival just like the Coachella that is held in California a few days ago but sadly it would be too expensive and I don't think so my parents would permit me. Also, I just found out, a few weeks ago that there would be also some music festivals that would be hold here in the Philippines that is the Close Up Summer Solstice and Wanderland. And again, I don't think so my parents would let me go. HAHA.


So instead I celebrated it with my outfits anyway and maybe soon I could finally go to a music festival. Let me show you some tips on what to wear. Wear clothes that are easy for you to move and party all out. An example of that are sleeveless tops and shorts. Use a sling bag so that it would not be hard for you to dance. And lastly wear comfortable shoes so it would not be the reason why you didn't enjoy that much. :)


TOP: Forever 21
SHORTS: Next Jeans
FLORAL BANDO: Accessorize
SHADES: Accessorize
RINGS: Accessorize
ARM PARTIES: Mixed Berry & Dazzle Cuts
BAG: Longchamp
SHOES: Adidas Neo

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cupcake Prints

Happy Monday guys! Well, my monday was not really that happy this morning 'cause my teacher on my first class walked out on us. He just got annoyed when he came in and not a lot of the students were there and got annoyed even more when the students came in very late and some of the presenters were not able able to memorize their speeches. And just poof he walked out. Well, enough of that. Hehe.

On my outfit, i tried to imitate the very beautiful Anne Curtis. These kind of style the polo shirt tucked in with pants or shorts is one of her style staples. I just love my cupcake printed polo shirt. I felt like I'm working on the show DC cupcakes and giving out cupcakes to kids. :)

Hope you had a great day guys!


PANTS: Wrangler
ARM PARTIES: Dazzle Cuts
WATCH: Tommy Hilfiger
BELT: Nijosa
BAG: Lacoste
SHOES: Crocs

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inlove Aztec

This morning, I presented a speech in the whole class and I was not really that nervous 'cause I found out that the first presenter was just reading her material and my teacher was just ok with it. You know, there are just those times or days when you just don't care at all. Well, I believed that time would be this very day 'cause I didn't really practice a lot of my speech and at the back of my mind, I assumed that our teacher would be very considerate 'cause of course we presented on day one and imagine we were just only given a day to practice it. Good thing my speech turned out just fine for me. Hehe :)

I went for a "terno" look today. My shades and top that I got from Fashion Blooms were both aztec prints. And my major colors were red, white and black. I have a certain rule when picking my shorts. The shorter the better but not the shorts that your undies will be seen. HAHA. Back to the topic, this is because I have big legs and in order for me to have longer looking legs I must let my skin be shown more. :)

How have you been guys? :)

TOP: Fashion Blooms
SHORTS: Folded & Hung
ARM PARTIES: Dazzle Cuts
WATCH: Tommy Hilfiger
RING: Accessorize 
SHADES: Forever 21
BAG: Longchamp