Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coachella Dreaming

I really wanted to go to a music festival just like the Coachella that is held in California a few days ago but sadly it would be too expensive and I don't think so my parents would permit me. Also, I just found out, a few weeks ago that there would be also some music festivals that would be hold here in the Philippines that is the Close Up Summer Solstice and Wanderland. And again, I don't think so my parents would let me go. HAHA.


So instead I celebrated it with my outfits anyway and maybe soon I could finally go to a music festival. Let me show you some tips on what to wear. Wear clothes that are easy for you to move and party all out. An example of that are sleeveless tops and shorts. Use a sling bag so that it would not be hard for you to dance. And lastly wear comfortable shoes so it would not be the reason why you didn't enjoy that much. :)


TOP: Forever 21
SHORTS: Next Jeans
FLORAL BANDO: Accessorize
SHADES: Accessorize
RINGS: Accessorize
ARM PARTIES: Mixed Berry & Dazzle Cuts
BAG: Longchamp
SHOES: Adidas Neo