Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cupcake Prints

Happy Monday guys! Well, my monday was not really that happy this morning 'cause my teacher on my first class walked out on us. He just got annoyed when he came in and not a lot of the students were there and got annoyed even more when the students came in very late and some of the presenters were not able able to memorize their speeches. And just poof he walked out. Well, enough of that. Hehe.

On my outfit, i tried to imitate the very beautiful Anne Curtis. These kind of style the polo shirt tucked in with pants or shorts is one of her style staples. I just love my cupcake printed polo shirt. I felt like I'm working on the show DC cupcakes and giving out cupcakes to kids. :)

Hope you had a great day guys!


PANTS: Wrangler
ARM PARTIES: Dazzle Cuts
WATCH: Tommy Hilfiger
BELT: Nijosa
BAG: Lacoste
SHOES: Crocs

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