Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inlove Aztec

This morning, I presented a speech in the whole class and I was not really that nervous 'cause I found out that the first presenter was just reading her material and my teacher was just ok with it. You know, there are just those times or days when you just don't care at all. Well, I believed that time would be this very day 'cause I didn't really practice a lot of my speech and at the back of my mind, I assumed that our teacher would be very considerate 'cause of course we presented on day one and imagine we were just only given a day to practice it. Good thing my speech turned out just fine for me. Hehe :)

I went for a "terno" look today. My shades and top that I got from Fashion Blooms were both aztec prints. And my major colors were red, white and black. I have a certain rule when picking my shorts. The shorter the better but not the shorts that your undies will be seen. HAHA. Back to the topic, this is because I have big legs and in order for me to have longer looking legs I must let my skin be shown more. :)

How have you been guys? :)

TOP: Fashion Blooms
SHORTS: Folded & Hung
ARM PARTIES: Dazzle Cuts
WATCH: Tommy Hilfiger
RING: Accessorize 
SHADES: Forever 21
BAG: Longchamp

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