Sunday, June 30, 2013

Black Light Party

Last night's acquaintance party was so much of a blast and I just can't help it but reminisce every single detail that happened last night from the clothes, food, the cramming attack, music, fun, dance and of course the DJ. (booyah!) It is the first time ever in our school that we hired a DJ. I was so proud to be one of the organizers and what we went through before the event was really no joke from happy to sad emotions. A lot of my course mates said that it was the BEST Acquaintance Party EVERRR!!! (Capslock para intense!) I was really overwhelmed with the overall result. Thank you so much SJBE Students!!!

The theme of the party was Black Light Party so we have to wear something like white and neon colors. There is actually a special light that makes what you wear glow and it's something like UV lights but we used an alternative since UV lights are banned. On my outfit, I decided to wear a dress and flats so I can dance all night long without the feeling of pain. :)

Photos by: Anton Gabila and Maddz Duellosa

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