Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Collar Block

Its been a while since I last blog. Well, got a little busy with school works lately. Anyways, last Friday I went to my second hometown Bohol and yes I've been calling it as my second home cause my Mom is from Bohol and I always go there around thrice a year. I went there to attend my best cousin's debut and she told me to put her name in my blog. So guys please follow her and thank you so much Chin for lending me some of these clothes. So what you guys on my outfit? Please feel free to comment. By the way my blog posts on her birthday is still to be post after two weeks cause the photographer is still editing it :)

 And that is my very beautiful cousin Chin, she looks like Camille Co :)

TOP: Chin's Closet
SHORTS: Black Sheep
HAT: Chin's Closet
BAG: Heartstrings
SHOES: Chin's Closet

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