Thursday, January 17, 2013

Floral Basics

I think it has been exactly a week that I have not blog. Hihi, sorry for that guys. Well, I'm back now and I feel so great typing these words. Hehe. Thank God its friday again. Wooot!!! I woke up late again in my exam for Philosophy but not really an issue 'cause our exam was open notes (thank you Sir! haha).

I just love my top that I got from forever 21. Imagine from 1000 plus naging 179 nalang, very sulit dba? :) I feel like a cowgirl on my outfit, maybe because of the fringed top thingy. haha. So hope you guys like my look today. :)


TOP: Forever 21
BAG: Kipling
PANTS: Next Jeans
SHOES: Crocs

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