Thursday, January 23, 2014

Feeling Better

            Hello there my beautiful and lovely readers!!! I'm very sorry for being MIA for a looong time. My school activities and requirements were always dragging me to be with them. HUHU Graduation is really fast approaching and I have less than 50 days to do all my best. Honestly, I'm really having mixed emotions right now, I still don't want to accept the reality that I'm leaving school for good and me and my best friends are gonna be separated for a long time and there is no assurance if when we will meet again. I'm sorry for all the rants HAHA. But on the bright side I'm gonna experience the real world soon enough and I'm really excited to explore it my way. I know it's gonna be tough but God and my family will always be there to support me. So here's a post that I took two months ago. Enjoy! :)

Garry and me P.S. I'm glad we're friends now. HAHAHA

with my best friend/mother/mentor/consultor/guidance counselor and everything. HEHE

Craaazzy Kids under the Sun!

Me, Lerah, Rai, Yel and Garry

COVER-UP: Forever 21
SLIPPERS: Havaianas

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