Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Other New Year

I spent my Chinese New Year with my friends and family. In the afternoon, me and my friends met up and we decide to wear red to get those good luck stick to us. HAHA. Since I'm the one with the Chinese blood I cooked them Tikoy so that our friendship would last longer. Honestly, it was really my first time to cook it and I did good. Yay for that! HAHA. We did some little photoshoots after we ate and it was hella fun. We kept on laughing on our green jokes. Oops let's censored that! HAHA. Then, we went to the mall to see the Lion Dance and after I met up with my family to have our dinner. How was your weekend? Hope you enjoyed it!

POLO TOP: Bossini
CROPPED TOP: Forever 21
SHORTS: Levi's
SHOES: Converse

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