Thursday, May 30, 2013


It's my first day and second blog post of my South Shores 14-Day Challenge. Yehey! for two outfit posts in one day. So far my summer this year has been sooo wonderful: unexpected summer trips, crazy bondings, ups and downs on everything in life and a whole lot more of roller coaster rides. I really thank God for all of these stuff he has given me especially the freaking great weird family and friends I have. And now He has given us an extended summer this year and I just can't wait to make it happen. Crossing my fingers on this one. I hope it's gonna be big! :)

About my outfit, I went again for a colorful one and yup my kind of style is really into splashing and throwing a lot of colors. I also went for a matching dress and bag. So what do you think of my look guys? :)

DRESS: South Shores

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