Thursday, May 30, 2013

Maxi Feel

It's been a looooong day today and I'm so glad it's over. And again it's going to be another busy day for me tomorrow. Not that I'm complaining about it. Actually, I love these kind of days, it makes me feel always productive. Hehe.

I have read and seen a lot of bloggers saying that maxi dresses makes you tall. I've never really that because I always assume that they are already tall (Hehe) but everything change until I get to try one out that I got from South Shores. Honestly, it's really my first time to wear a maxi dress and I just really love how it makes by body taller and elegant-looking. :)

Oops! Some bloopers HAHA

MAXI DRESS: South Shores (P 1499)


  1. We have the same flats!:>
    Followed you, glad the challenge is going well:)

    1. Followed you back too! Though there were some problems regarding on the number of pull outs but no worries, I was able to managed it. :)

    2. It's so difficult to communicate with the staff there, especially that I'm not full time and in the office all the time, sorry for the inconvenience.