Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bart in Paris

After 57 years... Finally I'm back again in the blogging world. Oh! How many times do I have to say it again. I have been MIA in my blog lately due to my school requirements and activities. I'm so sorry lovely readers for not being able to update my blog and I'll do my very best to update this at least twice or thrice a week since it's semester break already. Phew! Thaaannk God! As a senior student, I just can't put my studies just taken for granted and leave it there lying on the floor. I'll be graduating soooon this March (hopefully!) and I'm starting to realize what will I really do after college. Yes, I know my course is Business Management but I just can't seem to put the puzzle pieces for my future to be really working in a boring four-sided office. HAHAHA okay I'm ranting LOL. I've always been very artistic ever since I was a kid and up to know that's why I super duper love anything related to art and just expressing everything about art. My dream jobs would be an interior designer, celebrity stylist, editor-in-chief in a fashion magazine and anything the like but I know it will really take time to land on those kind of jobs and I'm ready to do what it takes just to get it. HAHAHA hashtag POSITIVITY in Life! :)

So anyways let's talk about more on the stories on my outfit post today. These photos have been staying up in my laptop for the past two months and again I'm so sorry for that. This are actually still part of Bjorn's Project called Kalsada PH. And for those of you who doesn't know what Kalsada PH is, well Kalsada PH is a solo project of Bjorn Manila the fashion photographer behind MEG, MEGA, METRO, CHALK and a whole lot more magazines and fashion brands. He is currently going around 26 cities across the Philippines to document Philippine street style at its finest and widest range for the upcoming site, and also publish it as a book by 2014 with possible collabs with all the big brands and publications in the country. :)

Photo taken by Bjorn Manila

with some of my lookbooker friends haha Lyle, Hazel, Enzo, Me, Marl, Harrem, and Tina

with Lyle, Hazel, Enzo, Me, Bjorn, Marl, Harrem, and Cole

Photo taken from Bjorn Manila.
All 250 plus of us in the 1st phase from Visayas and Mindanao leg of Kalsada PH. Amazing right??

Photo taken from Bjorn Manila.
From those 250 plus people he sorted out the denim style trend. And again, amazing right?? Haha

Photos by: Bjorn Manila

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BART SIMPSON DENIM TOP: from Bugis Street, Singapore
SHORTS: Next Jeans
WATCH: Tommy Hilfiger
BAG: Longchamp from Achi Maricar
SHOES: Adidas

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